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2 min readMay 7, 2021


If you’ve been looking for an alternative to Airtable — one that allows you to track, organise, analyse and collaborate, and is absolutely free, then Retable is the solution for you.

What Makes Retable the Best Choice for Organizing Your Work?

Retable stores all the information and data you need and organises it into various categories so you can quickly access it when you need to contrast, compare or monitor any aspect of your business. Track changes, allocate tasks and share documents, information and data at the click of a button with colleagues next door, in the next town or on the other side of the world.

All while saving big!

Project planning and management

Manage your projects effectively by breaking them down into easily digestible chunks which can be distributed to the relevant individual or department. With everything in one place, tracking assignments, distributing work and messaging is quick and easy.

Keep track of each individual and the overall project with a handy visual aid that puts you firmly in control.

Organise your data, your way

Organisation is key to successful…well, organisations. Create as many folders as you need to properly manage your data. Get super-specific with subfolders. And stay in control of access to files by granting and restricting access quickly and easily.

Drag and drop folders to where you need them, and even move folders between boards if it makes your life easier!

Make Project Management Easy With Gantt charts

Efficient project management requires you to create, update, access and share Gantt charts without hassle. Easily manage your project timeline from concept to finished product on schedule, with Retable.

Why make things more complicated with Airtable apps when you can create a Gantt chart in a matter of seconds, straight from your board? Manage and navigate your timeline easily thanks to our Gantt view, and finish all of your planned projects on time.

Manage tasks and teams

Retable is ideal for those moments when you need to create straightforward tasks for distributed teams. Retable allows you to reach team members simultaneously wherever they are to prevent wasted time and repetition.

If you need to take a quick check on the overall progress of your project or a single aspect of it, Retable gives you that power.

You can sign up and start using Retable free of charge. Find out more about all the benefits of Retable and try it for free here.

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