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3 min readFeb 28, 2021

Tables and data are two key aspects of collaborative working. Both are intrinsically linked to the storage and sharing of key data and as such are crucial to collaboration. But when relying on shared documents, it can be hard to maintain versioning for table/data-based projects, particularly in terms of which changes were made when and by whom. This can cause all sorts of problems for managers and staff in trying to keep track of project development and can lead to inefficiency, repetition and lost time.

That’s why, online spreadsheets have become increasingly popular for teams and collaborative partners. Online databases offer more advanced features and are set to make clunky, laborious desktop-based spreadsheet applications a thing of the past.

Online databases make collaboration, versioning, storage and security, easier. Developers looked at simple spreadsheets and asked. ‘How could these be better?’ Then they looked at all the problems posed by modern businesses still using outdated spreadsheets, and they created solutions.

Collaboration & Remote Working

Nowadays, there are people who say simple spreadsheets still work for them. And it will always be the case that some smaller operations will only require the very basic functions of simple spreadsheets. But as collaborative and remote working becomes the future, more and more organisations are moving to the improved usability, scalability and collaborative functionality offered by online databases.

Browser-based online tables offer functions that are unthinkable with local spreadsheets. Anyone who has ever worked simultaneously with colleagues on one and the same table will understand the limitations of it. With online databases, changes made by an editor are immediately displayed on the screen as if by magic for all co-authors so there is no lag and no repetition.

RETABLE — Simplified Online Spreadsheet & Database Hybrid

Retable is a next generation web-based spreadsheet solution. It allows you to edit, manage, and share spreadsheets and data with all necessary members of your collaborative team with no code required. Retable offers;

1-Flexibility: Sort and access your web-based data in the way that makes the biggest difference for your business. Scale your system as your business develops.

2-Modern Data Access Control: Control who can edit, add or delete data based on the needs of your business or the requirements of a particular project.

3-Security: Your information is securely stored and encrypted, reducing the risk of breaches or lost data.

4-Seamless Collaboration: Multiple users can work on the same workspace in real-time.

With all these features, you’d be forgiven for thinking you’ll need to pay a premium price for access to the Retable online database. But that couldn’t be further from the truth. Retable is available for individuals and teams to use completely free of charge.

If you think online databases are the future of your organisation, why not try it out and see for yourself the difference it makes for your collaborative, working practices, project management and access to data?

You could be enjoying all that online databases have to offer in just a few short clicks.

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