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3 min readJul 22, 2021

Every business leader wants to get maximum output from every resource. And Retable Formulas allow you to maximise your financial, human and digital resources.

Fundamentally Change The Way You Collaborate with Formulas

Whether you’re a sole trader or a CEO of a global brand, working efficiently requires good communication. When data and information are provided in a timely manner and shared with those that need access to them, collaboration and team working is smooth and efficient. Formulas change the way you manipulate data. From wherever you are in the world you can create connections with and between colleagues and third parties quickly and easily. Irrespective of which sheet a piece of data is held in, if you need to share it, you can do so without the need for endless copy/pasting, without having to set up elaborate security to prevent unauthorised access, and without fear of accidentally sending data to the wrong department or individual.

The Right Information At The Right Time

Formulas is perfect for distributed teams and makes sure everybody is working with accurate, up to date information at all times. Formulas puts you firmly in control of who has access to what data, and because it is cloud-based, any changes are updated in real time. If you have ever come to the end of a working day to discover that two employees have been duplicating each others’ work for 8 hours because of a miscommunication you’ll know just how frustrating that can be — for all three of you. Formulas eliminate those situations.

With the right information at the right time, decision-making across your organisation becomes quicker and better informed. In turn, that leads to greater efficiency in every aspect of the business and improved morale.

The Power Of Connected Data

Connected data is far more powerful than a piece of individual data. When it comes to gaining insights into your business, your staff or your customers, understanding the relationships between all your data is crucial.

The value of a solitary piece of data is finite. The power of connected data is infinite.

For example, for a sportswear manufacturer, knowing that an individual bought a pair of football boots has limited value in terms of understanding the customer’s motivations. If, however, the organisation knows that that individual has bought a pair of football boots in August for the past four years, they can start to build a profile of them. Other data might include other accessories bought at the same time, whether the boots were purchased online or instore and how much was spent.

The exact data shared within different organisations will vary. But whatever business you’re in, the ability to quickly and easily share relevant data with the right people is crucial to success.

Formulas give you the power to use and share your data as you see fit. It removes the risk of data breaches and improves connectivity within your team. So, the question is, why would you not use it?

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