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3 min readJun 23, 2021

Over the last year, we have seen workplaces across the globe reinvent the way they operate. So much so that the days of regularly getting staff from different locations together may well be over. Sure, there will be times when it’s necessary — but every month? Hindsight is a wonderful thing, and many business leaders are now totting up the number of work hours lost (not to mention the cost of hiring venues and laying on lunch) from all those years of monthly meetings.

But there are still some major barriers facing companies who would like to collaborate remotely. How do you ensure everybody has their say? And how do you actually collate all the information and ideas submitted by the team? Online meetings are not exactly known for multiple voices being heard clearly. And anyone who has tried to take minutes from a virtual meeting will tell you that it’s an incredibly frustrating task.

Now, imagine a solution that allows each individual to give their input and then collates it all into one simple, easy to digest online spreadshee t. A system that meant you could have a virtual meeting where only one person needs to speak and the others can input their ideas and suggestions remotely at the time or later on. A system that remains open to suggestions for hours or days to give people a chance to have their say when they’ve had time to consider what was said and ponder innovative new ways to tackle a problem.

Well, you don’t need to imagine that system. Retable has created it. Our Form View feature is the latest innovation in project management.

Retable is reimagining collaborative working one solution at a time. For too long, project management or supervising remote teams has been overly focused on chasing people up and trying to find ways of putting ideas and information into an easy to read format. Project managers have spent far too much time over the years dealing with logistics rather than getting on with the task in hand. With Retable, you can start to focus all your efforts on managing the project instead of information gathering.

With everything in one place, you can quickly and easily make decisions, review any aspect of the project and allocate tasks. The view share option means you’re in full control of who has access to what data, making auditing easier and more secure. Forms and tables can be created and shared at the click of a mouse so everybody is working with up to date information at all times and duplication is avoided.

Setting up the Form View

  • Create a new table for your project or one aspect of it
  • Create columns for the input you require from your team
  • Share your table using the Form View Share option
  • Share your URL

It’s that simple!

You will start receiving notifications when your team provides their input and all the information you require will be accessible in neatly organised rows.

This feature is the ideal way to collect customer information, create surveys and plan events or projects.

The Hidden Fields option provides security so you control what each user can see and there is even a Public View option for you to share a table which is publicly available if necessary.

Sign up to the future of work now and take total control of your projects from wherever it is you’re working these days.

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